Frequently Asked Questions

What do I do if I forgot my password?

Click here and enter your email address that you used to create your Tedbets account, and you will be sent an email explaining how to reset your password.

What is a Custom Bet?

A Custom Bet is a bet that you describe and create. What does that mean? Well, Tedbets lets you bet on anything. It doesn’t matter if it’s your golf game over the weekend or who can run a faster mile. Basically, any bet that you create is a Custom Bet.

When creating the bet you set when your opponent has to accept the bet by and when the bet will be over.

Custom bets are settled through mutual agreement between the opponents, both sides must agree to the outcome.

What is an Event Bet?

Events are matches, such as football or ice hockey that we list on the site in the events area. If you bet on one of these events, it is an Event Bet. Tedbets will settle the bet as soon as the event has ended and the official outcome is determined.

What happens if I do not settle a Custom Bet?

Because Custom Bets aren’t created by Tedbets, they cannot be settled without your input as to who won and lost. Once the resolve by date arrives, you have three chances to try to settle the bet outcome with your friend.

How do I change my password?

You can use the forgotten password functionality here and follow the instructions on that page.

How do I invite friends to Tedbets?

Since the point of Tedbets is wagering against your friends, this is definitely one of the first things you want to do. There are two ways:

1) Go to the Friends tab and click "Invite Friends". From there, you need to provide a mobile number or email address.

2) Create a bet of either type (event or custom), and you can invite friends directly from there. When you get to the “Who” section of the bet, simply click “Add Friends” and you’ll be able to give us a mobile number, an email address, or even connect to people in your social networks.

How do I report offensive behaviour?

Tedbets is a fun, friendly betting community. While a certain amount of playful exuberance is to be expected, that doesn’t mean that abusive or offensive behaviour is tolerated. If you feel like someone is abusing the site, contact us on the support page, or email us [email protected]. Tell us their user name and how they have violated our policy.

How do I see my betting history?

All of the users on Tedbets will have a record of their past bets that they can access by clicking on Bets Completed.

What is Peer-to-Peer betting?

Peer-to-peer betting is direct betting between two people. Tedbets is not a bookmaker, so we do not set odds or match your bets. Everything is between you and your friends.

How old do I have to be to use Tedbets?

18 or older.

Is it secure?

Tedbets follows the Isle of Man regulations, meaning that all player funds are protected. Also your personal information is kept secure and encrypted, and is not shared.

How do I manage my notifications?

In you head over to your personal settings, you’ll find a number of notifications that you can turn on and off.

Can people other than my friends see what I bet on?

No, and only the friends you bet with will see what you are betting on, unless you choose to share a bet on a social channel.

How do I challenge people outside of the community?

Create a bet and then invite them from inside the bet by sending them an email or text. Once a bet is created, you can also share that link through Twitter, Facebook, Google+, email.

How do I set odds?

If you want to change the odds on a bet, you can select the "Change Odds" link on the Wager screen of the bet.

Can I cancel a bet?

If the event has not started and no one has taken the bet, you can cancel it. Also, if the event begins and no one has matched your bet, it will be canceled automatically. But if you place a bet and someone accepts it, there’s no way to cancel it.

Which web browsers are supported?

The Tedbets website supports the following web browsers: Internet Explorer 9+, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefix, Opera, Safari, as well as most mobile web browsers for iOS, Android and Blackberry.

If you run into an issue with your web browser while using our site, please contact us via the support page.